Home & Daily Living Support

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities.

In sureMercy you direct personal activities, we provide support with respect, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality are upheld.

Our experienced staff supports you with personal care- showering, personal hygiene and grooming, incontinence management, medication administration, meal preparations, and a whole lot. We are also experienced in assisting those who require mobility aid.

Household Tasks

At Sure Mercy, we aim to support people with disabilities to attain their full potential, irrespective of where they live. Whatever your mind is set to achieve, we will help you attain it.

Doing household tasks on your own can be very challenging, so we are here to offer our help. We can assist with all these tasks without overburdening people around.

Daily Living Skills

It could be very challenging carrying out some of the daily tasks without support. SureMercy professional staff will support you in completing the tasks. We assist in menu planning, groceries shopping Banking, medical and social appointments, in organising psychological and counselling sections to help improve skills. We support with love and empathy.

In Home Care

Our primary focus for delivering this service is to promote the development of self-sufficiency and independence.

We help you maintain your normal daily routines while helping with your daily activities. We ensure that you feel at home, surrounded by the things and people you love, while you enjoy your normal daily activities and live well in your own house.

Get in Touch

If you require a wide range of support services, SureMercy staff are available to provide person-oriented services with love and empathy. Feel free to contact us by calling +61 482848887 for further information on how we can help.